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"I thought [they'd] made a mistake," he testified in federal court in September 2005."This was Javier Perez's house." Javier Perez was an accomplished musician (he'd played trumpet in the UT Longhorn Band and taught piano to numerous kids), and he was a genius-level mathematician -- friends were amazed by his ability to perform complicated computations in his head, and parents were impressed by how he could demystify mathematical concepts for their children whom he tutored.Inc., seeking the identity of the person the woman had been chatting with -- someone who'd logged in with the name "stephanmee2003" and was using the screen name "famcple." Yahoo!told the FBI that "famcple" was the name used by a "Mr.And he certainly did not know that the laws governing Internet usage, pornography, and even search warrants -- and more importantly, the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unlawful search and seizure -- could be so easily manipulated in order to achieve "cyberporn" prosecutions and convictions.

"I'd e-mailed [only] like five people in the last 10 years.I didn't know why they were there, so I'm very confused," he recalled."Within like 10 seconds, I was being pulled out of the room." The agents took Perez into the kitchen, where he was questioned for several hours. No, he answered; Britt asked about "Web chat-room stuff. I knew something was up, but I never did any of that.Britt ran a utilities check and confirmed that Perez's name was on the Austin Energy account for the house on Scenic Brook Drive.That was the extent of the official investigation; using just this basic information, Britt drafted a warrant, attesting that because "famcple" -- that is, presumably, Mr.

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