Dating and atheist

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I would consider myself very devout also, due to the fact that I have attended Catholic schools all my life and go to Church every Sunday.But I just started college this year and fell in love with an atheist man. I came across this website while looking for help regarding interfaith dating.I am a Catholic who has been brought up in a strict Catholic family.

Jag föddes för snart 32 år sen i Libanon, men hann med min första svenska klass i...

In general, the significant differences in values system and belief system creates stress and difficulty in understanding. I can also tell you that if you have children together, they will often get pulled as to “do we go to church or not? ” — and believe me, most Christian women if they can’t raise the children with their husband in the center of that faith, they will grieve about it often.

After all, according to Christian faith, the husband is supposed to be the front line of faith in the home — which you can’t do.

I love this man so much, and I really don't want our relationship to end.

I've been up at nights and crying because I worry over it. Kids ask you if there's an afterlife, why do we have to go to Mass when daddy doesn't?

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