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That would suggest they block them to avoid adverse publicity. In making your vacation a little easier, they are simply lining their own pockets through conning people out of their hard earned cash! They charged us double the going rate for a tour and we couldn't even take the tour because the Ryman Theater had the day blocked off for an event - which they say our tour company should have known because block-out dates are posted.

When we tried to get a refund, they only offered on a charge. I booked through them last minute for a hotel near Chicago (8 minutes away from the zoo and other fun things.) I was already on the road driving and almost to my destination when I received my vouchers, which lo and behold, were for a hotel 50 miles away in Bluff Park!

I have tried to get my money back but their terms do not allow that.

I have left a review on their website but no reviews at all are showing.

If you are I'll tell you that all of the information that you're complaining about is sent from vendors to the website.

You claim that this company is so malicious but if you'd stop and think for a second you'd realize where you complaint should be placed.

When you go to book it brings up info only for the tour at Clearwater.

The event calendar is also very restrictive for 8.45am only throughout every future period.

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I cancelled - they keep 0 and are giving me a "cerficicate " for 0.

There is no marine biologist aboard and there are no times when they offer food.

It was the exact same trip/company as purchased through this agent. This gives around an 80% mark up for their booking fee for a trip which very clearly appears to be falsely advertised.

this hotel was chosen for me by and NOT one of the ones we had discussed.

I remember the exact description and how far away it was from everything... and was extremely stressed and disappointed to get here and realize that I had to pay for not only my hotel now (that I THOUGHT was taken care of), but I also now have to attempt to deal with their fraudulent practices. is ran by a con artist by the name of Matt Cook who is nothing but a thieve, a liar, and manipulator.

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