Dating null set

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It's pretty easy to create your own string functions for many examples listed here## Count substrings CREATE FUNCTION substr Count(x varchar(255), delim varchar(12)) returns intreturn (length(x)-length(REPLACE(x, delim, '')))/length(delim); SELECT substr Count('/this/is/a/path', '/') as count;## Split delimited strings CREATE FUNCTION str Split(x varchar(255), delim varchar(12), pos int) returns varchar(255)return replace(substring(substring_index(x, delim, pos), length(substring_index(x, delim, pos - 1)) 1), delim, '');select str Split("aaa,b,cc,d", ',', 2) as second;##Or a more complicated example, this will repeat an insert after every nth position.drop function insert2; DELIMITER //CREATE FUNCTION insert2(str text, pos int, delimit varchar(124)) RETURNS text DETERMINISTICBEGIN DECLARE i INT DEFAULT 1; DECLARE str_len INT; DECLARE out_str text default ''; SET str_len=length(str); WHILE(i SET out_str=CONCAT(out_str, SUBSTR(str, i,pos), delimit); SET i=i pos; END WHILE; -- trim delimiter from end of string SET out_str=TRIM(trailing delimit from out_str); RETURN(out_str); END//DELIMITER ;select insert2("ATGCATACAGTTATTTGA", 3, " ") as seq2; NULL) returns 0 (zero) if the field is not null and 1 (one) if the field is looked and mysql's online docs shows a DIFFERENCE function but that was for GIS apps and isnt current change the "[email protected]" and the "db.function_name" to reflect your info.returns an INT value from 0 to 4, where 0 means the SOUNDEX of each string doesnt have any same value.4 means each 4 alphanumeric digit is the same:select soundex("hello"), soundex("jello")returns H400 and J400so DIFF3("hello", "jello")returns a 3while DIFF3("hello","great")returns a 1as a stored function, you can do something like:select firstname from mytable where diff3("joe bob", firstname) Just some syntax to pass along for those who may wanna reformat credit cards (if you are brave enough to store them as plain text in the first place) before sending them to an application for displaying.


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