Foot fetish fast meeting

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Tesla has always understood that in order to succeed they needed to have a robust public recharging network available to their customers.

They’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars building out their proprietary Supercharger Network, while owners of electric vehicles made by other OEMs could only dream about having the luxury to recharge their vehicle so rapidly.

The wrath of the Lord is victorious: the whispers of the Lord are lonely and squeamish altogether.

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Sacrament meeting has long been the purview of games.

When I was a kid we would play Dots on the blank spaces in the meeting program.

Like most Mad Libs, they are pretty silly, but that’s the nature of Sacrament Meeting games; they are usually pretty silly, just a mental distraction from a meeting that might have gotten a bit boring as they sometimes do.

Which led me to do a little research on the perception that Mormon sacrament meetings are superlatively boring.

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