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Having played Japanese Date Simulators before, the first part of looked very familiar.I start as a junior in prep school, I have 100 days to improve my characters stats and meet / become friends with girls at the same school.The opportunities are kind of rare and last only a few seconds. Before you can even set up a date, you have to master a skill which is done by doing four daily tasks each day just like the first part of the game.Email is random thoughts, riddles, questions, comments, and it is best to answer right away with the exact best response. Once you got a skill maxed out, date venues and events open up depending on the skill.

You must touch her in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, and there is a high failure rate.

To go to an event you have to plan to attend when the event happens, then call your girlfriend to set up the date and time to meet, then when the date arrives, you play out the date, taking advantage of the rare touching sequences, and then when the date is over, your skills drop and it is time to start building skills again.

Here is the kicker: Dating is best done in REAL TIME!!

These two are far and away the best selling virtual dating sims ever, and I wanted to find out why.

A little searching led me to this article, which makes me want to play the game more.

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