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Microsoft developed Tay, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot targeted at 18- to 24-year-olds, the dominant users of mobile chat in the United States.

According to Microsoft, [Tay was] developed by Microsoft's Technology and Research and Bing teams to experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding.

The Internet is full of creeps who jump into any forum that doesn’t stomp on them immediately; it's just a fact of Internet life.

Tay’s mom at Microsoft should have had The Talk about what’s out there before they sent her into the big wide Internet world.

"Of course, Twitter users were going to tinker with Tay and push it to extremes.

That's what users do — any product manager knows that.” Certainly anyone who has worked on a website that accepts comments or who has looked at Reddit would know this, and would wonder what Microsoft was thinking.

Perhaps sexbots may have even begun skulking around Britain – it’s just that they’ve hidden themselves from us. Especially in today’s recession, newspapers need to sell copies.

The same applies to universities: they need to get themselves in the papers to get research funds. Blackmore’s original area of expertise was the paranormal, she practises Zen and is an honorary member of the Malthusian anti-immigrant lobby group Population Matters.

And now we’ve built machines that can copy, combine, vary and select ‘enormous quantities of information with high fidelity far beyond the capacity [sic] of the human brain’.

It wouldn't have been too hard to create a blacklist of terms; or narrow the scope of replies.

They could also have simply manually moderated Tay for the first few days, even if that had meant slower responses.”…

Outright technophobia and technophilia leave no room for, er, shades of grey. And so it is with the media’s new scare-story-come-love-object: sexbots.

Kathleen Richardson, a specialist in the ethics of robots at the University of De Montfort in Leicester, has attacked what’s described as a new generation of sex toys – robotic ones.

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