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At their "austere" art deco home in Montreal, Pierre had a floor that was "strictly off limits to all but him," housing his bedroom, his study, a library and a hallway lined with mementoes and photos from world leaders.Pierre imposed rules about the language to be spoken on each floor.There's an old expression, "Actions speak louder than words." I couldn't care less what Trudeau said about Castro or any other dictator. As Chretien noted during one of his campaign/debate speeches we have to be protected from the tyranny of the majority and that's exactly what the Charter does.Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms gave Canadians more freedom than any other government leader. From finding the prohibition against Sunday shopping unconstitutional to getting the government out of the bedrooms of the nation the Charter has protected the individual and that's what freedom is all about. A case in point is the "terror bill" (arrest with secrecy, no right to an attorney, etc) coming before the House this month.Trudeau's mother, Margaret, enrolled him in ballet classes when he was six years old.She gave up on the classes after literally having to drag him kicking and screaming out the door and being admonished by a workman at 24 Sussex to "give the kid a break." 4.

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"There were few rules, other than no punches in the face and no biting, and if someone got hurt, we stopped." 5. On one occasion, when Justin was driving his brothers to their mother's cottage, "for some bizarre reason, we got into a raging argument about who would control the car windows." "It got so heated that I pulled over to the side of the road and we all piled out of the car to have a real, not play, fight.For all his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana and his admission to having smoked joints a half dozen times, including once after becoming an MP, Trudeau drinks little and learned to be wary of both drugs and alcohol while working as a bouncer at a B. Trudeau was so happily off-balance during his first date with wife Sophie Gregoire that he "actually walked into a lamp post." He proposed to her that same night."I'm 31-years-old, so I've been waiting for you for 31 years," he told her.OTTAWA -- Justin Trudeau's new memoir, Common Ground, contains a number of surprising revelations about the Liberal leader and his family that aren't generally known, despite a lifetime lived in the public eye. When youngest brother Michel was swept by an avalanche into B.C.'s Kokanee Lake in 1998, his death had a profound impact on the family, especially Trudeau's father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

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