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(The star has denied persistent rumors that he sought treatment for sex addiction but admits that in 1993 he entered a clinic for substance abuse.) Since he and Diandra split, Douglas has been something of a serial dater, squiring columnist Maureen Dowd, 47, ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas, 37, and former White House aide Lisa Caputo, 35.

But Zeta-Jones apparently appealed to his most basic instincts.

Women would love to know him, unravel the mystery, but he remains beyond the mortals.

By the age of nine he was helping to support his family with a milkrun.

They separated and reunited twice over the course of their marriage; Diandra once blamed “the other women” for their marital strain.

I just hope I come back as his fingerprints the amount of beautiful women they've been over. Saying that, I still prefer Roger Moore as Bond but that says more about me than anything else.

whatever; but imagine playing the ultimate 'English' hero and getting paid for it! And that star quality reaches across the universe unlike theatre. Of course you'll never be as successful as Connery as your not, er, Connery. So if the only bitchy thing I can say is about where he lives then it shows how small-minded I am and how big Connery is.

After leaving school at 13, he joined the Royal Navy, only to be discharged because of ulcers.

The young Connery was back in the labour market and tried his hand at several jobs including labourer and lifeguard.

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