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I was chatting up that girl, but this other fella came and jumbied me The dazed state of inactivity or sleep brought on by extensive over-eating, after the Trinidadian snake that devours small animals whole and lies in the same place for several days after, digesting; the politically correct version of the more well-known but less socially acceptable "niggeritis".A meal of rice, served by a woman to the man she wants to seduce.This is an image/background accompanied by title and information text (and link) that spans the visitor screen from side to side and from top to bottom (or with set maximum height). To disable it - remove the Hero Header Background image.The skettionary is a user-generated, online, caribbean dictionary.

Imbert corrected “checkered” to “controversial” after the Speaker scolded him.

It can be either good or bad, depending on the context.

Bad: A variant of sweat rice, but channa (chick peas, garbanzo beans) are substituted for rice, and the Ganga refers to the water (of whatever dubious origin).

Gopeesingh said, “There is a collaboration between the Medical Chief of Staff and the Administrator for the hospital dealing with this situation.” Speaker Barry Sinanan chided him for irrelevance to the ambulance bill.

Imbert arose minutes later and refuted Gopeesingh’s remarks.

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