Tennessee dating laws

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For example, if a non-custodial parent has failed to pay child support for ten years, the custodial parent can only seek to collect unpaid child support for the first five years before they filed their action with the court.

The other five years support that went unpaid, years six through ten, would generally be uncollectible.

Tennessee's legal age laws, for instance, allow minors to petition the court for emancipation and to obtain contraceptives (with some conditions).

Other than Tennessee's marriage age requirements (16 with parental consent), the state doesn't identify any specific ages under 18 with respect to certain legal processes or rights.

The court will consider a number of factors, chiefly whether the minor has the maturity and means to support him or herself and whether the minor is better off living apart from his or her parents.

Research the Law Get Professional Legal Help with Your Legal Ages Concerns States set age limits for certain activities, such as driving a car or becoming a legal adult.

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For actions filed after July 1, 2017, this is no longer the case.

The law does offer some hope for custodial parents in the fact that it allows for a different award if a parent can "for good cause show[], that a different award.

In general, people under the age of majority (18) have fewer rights and responsibilities than adults.

The amendment allowing only five years of retroactive support encourages filing actions for unpaid support sooner rather than later, in order to avoid missing out on years of valuable child support that would otherwise be due.

It also certainly makes it easier for non-custodial parents to pay off past-due child support they may owe, as their penalty will be limited to only the five previous years' worth of unpaid support.

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