Updating apps through itunes

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Essentially this means the i Phone or i Pad will be bricked and unusable until it can be restored or successfully updated with i Tunes and a computer.

Update: Apple has apparently fixed the problem with the OTA update.

That saves the space as you can effectively only store the backups that you want.

You can also remove all backups by following the menu path Settings Apple Watch.

While we're not exactly sure as to what causes the problem, but there is an easy solution that does work.

That's precisely what we'll take a look at in this post.i Cloud Backup / Restore One of the earliest solutions is to restore your i Phone not via i Tunes but through i Cloud.

Unlike on your i OS device where you have two options to upgrade the firmware: …for Apple Watch, you can only do it via the Settings app.

Currently, Apple has no plan to add this feature into their i Tunes software, but if you still have issues updating your Apple Watch, try some of the solutions below.

To ease things, however, Apple does show you the apps that you've already installed.This is what usually ends up in apps going “awol.”When you update your i Phone, try to restore it via i Cloud. What if you restored already (via i Tunes) and the apps are missing? You'll find the apps you've already downloaded via the App Store here.Download the apps and you can then sync them to the i Phone. Manual Mode Perhaps, if nothing works, you'll have to individually download all the apps.As a result, you can restore your Apple Watch from the same backup as your i Cloud one.It is important to note that you can only back up your health and fitness data via the encryption mode. For security purposes, the Apple Watch backup does not store your Credit or debit cards used for Apple Pay on your Apple Watch or your playlists that are synced to your Apple Watch.

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